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It all started in a pub in Wiltshire...

We finally got round to writing a blog! What started as a crazy idea between two old friends last August has snowballed so quickly that we've barely had time to look up... So, for our first blog post, we decided to go back to day one - where it all began with a little video taken in the pub (The Hare near Lambourn - a really excellent pub restaurant by the way!).

We can't believe this was just five months ago, but this is the day when two Grandads (who have never rowed before) decided to attempt to become the oldest pair to row across the Atlantic....

We have known each other for 40 years, since we served together as young officers in the Parachute Regiment and have stayed friends ever since. Perhaps it's because we are both nearing retirement, but we have both been feeling restless for a couple of years now. Maybe it's classic 'mid life crisis' syndrome but we just don't feel like men in our sixties and we're certainly not ready to rush out and buy slippers!

This challenge attracted our attention because it is way beyond our comfort zone - and if there's one thing the Parachute Regiment teaches you, it's that you can push yourself much further than you think. We're not rowers and we have no nautical experience but we're both still fit and and determined - it may be a little harder to come by these days but it's definitely still there. More importantly, this is our chance to make a difference and do something BIG for worthy causes close to our hearts. (Find out more on our donate page).


So talking about it was one thing, but actually making it happen - well so far that's been a whole new ball game. We were warned by 'those in the know' that rowing the Atlantic would be the easy bit compared to the massive uphill challenge of actually getting to the start line. They weren't kidding! The last five months have been the biggest learning curve imaginable - and we're not even on the water yet.

Although we have both been professional business people since leaving the Army, fundraising is a new world for us. Sponsorship proposals, websites, events, social media, press interviews and now a blog... it's a big leap for two quiet, camera-shy, social media novices who have only just learnt what emojis are... :)

So it's at this point, we need to say a HUGE thank you to Sally (Peter's wife) who has bravely taken on the role of 'Team Communications Director'. On that day in August, she was the one who grabbed us by the scruff of our necks, plonked us in front of a camera and turned us into 'a brand'.... The 'Grandads of the Atlantic' were born....

NEXT: Getting our hands on a boat!

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