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Our trusty vessel will be a Rannoch 25, an eight-metre pairs ocean rowing boat built by specialists, Rannoch Adventure. They have an exceptional record for safety, reliability and speed, so we are confident that it will be capable of withstanding the unpredictable nature of the Atlantic Ocean.

The boat will be specially equipped to enable our Grandads to spend up to 70 days alone at sea. They will be completely self-sufficient and will take it in turns to row continuously, day and night, in two-hour shifts.

If a storm hits, they will need to lock themselves into two small, sealed cabins and sit it out. Apparently it’s a bit like being tossed around inside a washing machine - the temperature inside could be in excess of 40°C.

The boat is designed to self-right if it capsizes. It will also be equipped with a medical kit, satellite communications and a life raft in case the worst happens and they need to abandon. We are planning to call our boat ‘Utrinque Paratus’ - the Parachute Regiment motto, meaning ‘ready for anything’.

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